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My marriage proposal to Chani made the top ten entries in the Ultimate Proposal Contest! The short version is that I took her to see a special showing of "Back to the Future," where in reality I had edited myself into the movie using a green screen. You can see the video below or read the contest entry on the right.

Please vote for us! If our story has the most votes we get a vacation in Greece! You can vote once per day, so please do me a favor and take the moment when you remember to click the link. Just click the "Click to cast your vote" link under our picture to the right, or you can go to the contest page yourself. (If you want to see the other 9 stories before voting, you can do so from the contest page link.) New Rule Note: If you don't click the link they send to your email, the vote doesn't count.

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Thanks for your help!

Chanoch proposing to Chani from Corey Goldfeder on Vimeo.

Update: We were featured on Fox News!

Skip to 1:34 in the video. (For those who are curious, I did not send this in - we didn't even hear about it until hours after it aired.) The male anchors seemed to like it, but the female anchor clearly did not. Ah, well, you can't please everyone...

We were also the subject of a C|NET story.